Disaster Mangement (New Service)

Are your server backup properly Implemented and if yes, are the backups properly managed ?? .
Supportlobby offers its Premium Disaster Management Solutions for Remote Servers, powered by 24/7 Technical Support .

Why Backups are Important ?
Data loss can be a result of human error, failure of hardware or system, virus, theft and even natural calamity. An effective Disaster Management (DM) service ensures protection of your corporate information and continuity of business. Supportlobby ensures your business critical data is available for restore using an established Disaster Management System

Why Backups are Important ?

  • 24/7 support
  • Bare Metal Restore
  • Complete Data Restore
  • Manage the Backups
  • Wide variety of tools and services
  • Quality of Backups periodically Verified


  • R1 Soft
  • Acronis
  • Cross Backup Solution