Per Ticket Support

Per Ticket Plan

If you are aware of the number of tickets that is created in the helpdesk and not looking for proactive support this plan will suit you the best. This plan covers all the normal helpdesk tickets related to webserver , mail server , dns server, database server etc.

This Plan Offers

  • Free Helpdesk setup for support prerequisites.
  • One support query per ticket.
  • Follow-ups are not counted, but multiple issues will be considered as multiple tickets.
  • Guaranteed 1 hour response time. ( 30 minutes for Priority Support )
  • Guaranteed 6 hour resolution time. ( 3 hours for priority support )
  • Combine the Hourly management plans and Server monitoring plans for nominal charges.
  • Support both Linux and windows servers.
  • Support L1 and L2 issues
  • 5 days free Trial


Ticket Slab Price
Upto 30 tickets per month 99 USD [3.3 USD per ticket]
Upto 50 tickets per month 140 USD [2.8 USD per ticket]
Upto 100 tickets per month 230 USD [2.3 USD per ticket]
Upto 200 tickets per month 400 USD [2 USD per ticket ]
Above 200 tickets Contact us for quote
Priority Support Contact us for quote