What is the Scenario ?

Every Hosting Provider will need an expert system administrator to fix some complicated server issues at all times.

What is the Problem ?

A full time administrator or even a monthly server administration plan cannot be a viable solution for one time tasks, which involves few hours of work .

What is the Solution ?

Supportlobby offers its hourly server administration service , where issues are handled according to its complexities and urgency for web hosting server support services .

What does Supportlobby Offer ?

  • Case by Case Issue resolution
  • Commencement of Job after confirmation on charges and Total resolution time
  • No hidden Charges
  • 100 % money back guarantee
  • Linux and Windows Server Support Services
What kind of Server Management Jobs are covered under this plan ?

Server Management Service Management Third Party Software Network Management
Server Migration Setting up DNS Servers for Linux and Windows Servers nstallation and Configuration of Web Applications/Languages/Components (Perl PHP ASP.NET etc) Network Configuration on servers.(Add IP address Set Hostname Dns entry gateway)
Performance Tuning of Linux and Windows Servers Setting up Mailservers(Sendmail Exim PostFix Mailenable MS Exchange SmarterMail Merak) Custom Software Installation and Configuration -
VPS Node Server Setup &Deployment (Virtuozzo OpenVZ Xen Hyper-V SolusVM etc). ->Installation of APF CSF Windows Firewall Ipsec etc->Installation and Configuration LAMP server Install and configure Nfs and Samba->Install Server Reporting and Monitoring tools like Nagios Cacti and MRTG. -
Cloud Setup &Deployment (OnAPP VirtualStack VMware etc) Recompilation of PHP/Apache/Mysql Install all 3rd party tools upon requirement. (ffmpeg rdesktop ioncube Eacelleartor Zend Opimizer RED5  RED7 etc.) -
Setup &Deployment (Windows and Linux) Troubleshoot DNS issue and Configuration change like MX NS CNAME Records Installing intrusion / hack detection tools.(rhhunter chkrootkit) -
Backup Configuration and Disaster Management Troubleshoot mail server problems Install cPanel Plesk etc -
Custom Kernel Compiling and Upgrades – Grsec /other Kernel Patching Troubleshoot ftp problems Install Fantastico -
Securing / tmp directory SSL installation for website's/mailservers. Install RVSkin -
Kernel tuning with sysctl IIS 6/ IIS7 Troubleshooting Installation of Windows Server specific tools/applications like Persists Upload ASPUPLOAD .NET Applications HTTREWRITE tools etc -
Investigating hacking attempts MSSQL 2005 / MSSQL 2008 / MSSQL 2012 Installation Troubleshooting and tuning Installation of Billing Systems WHMCS AWBS HSPC PLESK BILLING -
Backup/Restore of Server and Websites - Installation of Software Add-ons -

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