Web Hosting Support Company

About Web Hosting Support

Supportlobby , with its greatest strength of having a highly qualified team of engineers for web hosting support and services, have always shown a steady growth rate right from the time of launch. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction, via multi channel support practices such as Email, Instant Messaging and Telephone. The company takes pride in the server support features presented to our customers in providing fast and effective support by enacting the role of an Overseas Extended Outsourced Web Hosting Support Team at a reasonable cost.

Our Technical Support Team

  • 24/7 support
  • Over 5 years of technical and management history
  • Support for all major Operating Systems
  • Support for servers with and without control panels
  • Unlimited Trouble Tickets for featured plans
  • Qualified and Certified Engineers
  • High Quality Responses
  • Securely Stored Customer Information
  • Support covered by Service Level Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Expert Cpanel Support
  • Unmatched Proficiency in Windows Servers
  • Expertize in many control panels, such as Plesk, Helm, Direct Admin, Ensim and many more

Why Supportlobby?

Supportlobby stands out from its competitors with the systematic approach and unmatched positive attitude which we maintain in our customer relations. We focus on building a strong business relation which is based on an effective bidirectional communication channel with successfully tested methods to ensure customer satisfaction.


Supportlobby customers are backed by one of the highest levels of support, which demonstrates our continued and consistent commitment, raising the bar for high performance and customer satisfaction standards. We are committed to provide a hassle-free signup process and a fully organized technical support channel in the area of web hosting support services

Performance Delivered

Supportlobby is bound to deliver what it promises to our customers. We ensure the support promise of One hour response and Six hour resolution using Time Management Tools and the resolutions are pushed to the Quality Management System for the systematic verification. Supportlobby operates 24/7 catering to the needs of our global customers serving and meeting best of their interests with a performance guarantee.

Quality Unmatched

Supportlobby enforces a three level systematic approach to the support processes which includes initial response, technical resolution and final reply. The processes are evaluated at each stage to ensure the completion of the support request , tunneling through perfectly designed Quality Management Systems. Quality Evaluation begins with the in house training process and engineers are molded to deliver the support quality that Supportlobby boasts about, to meet or rather exceed the customer expectations.